June 2021 Fundraising Days That You Need To Know

  • May 3, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
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Your May 2021 Fundraising Action Plan

Not only is June the start of summer and the beginning of vacation season but it is also packed with some important dates on the fundraising calendar that you can use to craft a fun and engaging fundraising campaign around.

If your organization focuses on veteran’s issues June is a month where D-Day and the Army’s birthday are honored. June 27 is National PTSD Awareness Day and we assist a lot of our Veteran Service Organization clients in highlighting their programs dealing with PTSD and veteran suicide through campaigns, landing page creation and event support.  

Environmental causes are also a big focus in June with World Reef Awareness Day on June 1, World Environment Day on June 5 and World Ocean’s Day on June 8. These days are great opportunities to highlight important environmental issues that your organization focus on and the programs that you offer to improve and educate people about the environment and climate change.

As a parent June has some significant days that mean a lot to me with Global Day of Parents on June 1, National Donut Day on June 5 and Father’s Day on June 20th. You may laugh at the notion of National Donut Day may but taking my kids in for a free Krispy Kreme is an event worth celebrating in my household.

Easy Fundraising Ideas for Your June Fundraising Campaign

1) Create a Giving Day –  A Designated Giving Day is a featured day on your fundraising calendar that celebrates a day of significance for your organization.  You can use a Giving Day day to commemorate an important event, person or program, and create a call to action for people to donate in honor of your selected day. 

2) Donate the Day Fundraiser – If you are looking for a quick and easy fundraiser that people love then the Donate The Date Fundraiser is going to be your best bet. Here is how it works; you pick a day and ask your supports to donate an amount that matches the numeric value of the date that you picked. 

If you are a nonprofit that works to combat Climate Change you can create a Fundraising Campaign around World Environment Day on June 5 and encourage people to  make donations in the amount of either $6.50, $65.00, or $650. Donate the Date Fundraisers are a great way to highlight an important day and generate meaningful donations quickly.

3) In Honor or In Memory of Fundraiser – In Honor Fundraisers are a way to encourage supporters of your organization to create fundraising pages in honor or in memory of a loved one or someone special. This is an especially effective fundraiser if the person that is being honored was positively impacted your organization and would be an inspiration for others to get involved. An example of an In Honor of fundraiser would be one in which an individual created a peer-to-peer fundraising page in honor of a deceased family member. 

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Below are the Key June 2021 Fundraising Days You Need To Know:
June 1 National Pen Pal Day

June 1 Global Day of Parents

June 1 World Reef Awareness Day

June 1 National Say Something Nice Day

June 2 Global Running Day

June 3 World Bicycle Day

June 3 National Egg Day

June 4 National Cheese Day

June 4 National Hug Your Cat Day

June 5 National Donut Day

June 5 Belmont Stakes

June 5 World Environment Day

June 6 National Higher Education Day

June 6 D-Day

June 6 National Cancer Survivor’s Day

June 8 National Best Friends Day

June 8 National Call Your Doctor Day

June 9 National Donald Duck Day

June 10 National Iced Tea Day

June 12 National Loving Day

June 12 World Day Against Child Labor

June 13 National Children’s Day

June 14 Flag Day

June 14 Army Birthday

June 14 World Blood Donor Day

June 15World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 15 Nature Photography Day

June 16 National Fudge Day

June 19 Juneteenth

June 20 Father's Day

June 20 American Eagle Day

June 20 World Refugee Day

June 20 International Surfing Day

June 21 Summer Solstice

June 21 International Yoga Day

June 22 National Take Your Cat to Work Day

June 24 National Work From Home Day

June 24 National Handshake Day

June 25 Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 27 National PTSD Awareness Day

June 27 National HIV Testing Day

June 27 Micro-, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Day

June 29 National Camera Day

June 29 Hug Holiday