Online Giving Themes

We make it easy for people to donate online.

Reason Funding Online Giving is perfect for organizations that need a simple to use online giving platform that gives you the tools to convert donors and then engage them after the donation is made. 

We set up the pages for you and provide training on managing the platform and your donors. 

Reason Funding is easy to use and affordable.

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Flexible Giving Pages

We provide you with a lot of freedom to customize our online giving pages so that they fit with your brand and design guidelines. 

Below are some of the ways that you can customize a Reason Funding Donate Page:

• Add your logo
• Add your brand colors
• Add YouTube video
• Select a Google Font
• Add Background Image
• Links back to your website
• Single or Multi-fund designations
• Add Convenience Fee
• Custom Receipt Message
• Embed donate form on your site

See How Easy Reason Funding Is To Use

In this video we show you how easy it is to use our donate page editor to make quick and simple edits to a donate page. No coding or extensive training necessary as you can easily edit the colors, add a video and revise your donate page copy in real time. 

some of our best online Giving themes

We can customize a donate page to fit your brand. The themes below can either be a starting point or inspiration to spark your design.

Veteran Service Organization Online Giving

Patriot Online Giving Theme

The Patriot Online Giving Theme is inspriation for a Veteran Service Organization or nonprofit organization that works with Veterans or offers programs that benefit veterans or former military.

International Mission Online Giving

Mission Online Giving Theme

The Mission Online Giving Theme is inspriation for a Nonprofit Organization that focues on human rights, development, disaster relief or faith-based missions.

Cancer Research and Prevention Online Giving

Hope Online Giving Theme

The Hope Online Giving Theme is inspriation for a Nonprofit Organization that raises money for cancer or medical research, prevention and care assistance.

Athletic or Sports Booster Club Online Giving

All Star Sports Online Giving Theme

The All Star Sports Theme is inspriation for a Nonprofit Organization that focues on athletics and raising money for athletic programs. 

Education Based Fundraising Online Giving

Academy Online Giving Theme

The Academy Online Giving Theme is inspriation for a Nonprofit Organization that focues on education initiatives that promote learning, literacy, scholarships and student organizations. 

online giving for churches

Grace Church Online Giving Theme

The Grace Church Online Giving Theme is inspriation for a faith-based organization or church that wants to provide a way for church members to make their tithes or offerings online.

Online Giving Resources

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Six Tips To Increase Online Giving Donations

Want to increase your online giving donations? Try these 6 proven strategies to launch and promote online giving to increase usage and your donations.

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Fundraising Ideas

A lot of organizations are facing a significant deficit right because of lost revenue from canceled fundraising events or the inability to engage people face to face.

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Action Plan For First Time Donors

First-time donors are a blessing and sometimes a surprise when they happen. After that initial donation, you need to start executing your first-time donor plan to ensure that they stay engaged with your organization.

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