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txtsignal text message marketing

In Response to the CONVID-19 outbreak

Reason Funding is proud to announce a special partnership with txtsignal, an established brand providing secure and easy-to-use text messaging solutions.

Churches, Nonprofits and Schools use txtsignal to send out daily inspiration to students, coordinate group meetings, and inform parents and students of last-minute schedule changes. Using a group messaging service like ours gives you more control over how and when parishioners are informed about church activities. 

Try txtsignal FREE for 15 days.

Partnership Details

An Established Partner

In our search for a partner, we looked for the most established and reliable service that could serve your ministry needs. 

It did not take us long to find txtsignal who has been serving ministry since 2007 and earning high praise for it.

Secure and Private

txtsignal is the only US provider that has a no-data-sharing policy. Meaning your account information will never be shared with a third party. Ever. 

And, their platform meets the highest commercially-available security and encryption standards.

Fast & Reliable Messaging

txtsignal provides simple and powerful SMS marketing and bulk SMS technology for businesses and organizations, so you can reach your contacts the way they want to be reached.

Exclusive Plans and Special Pricing

We have negotiated specials rates and plans that are available only to Reason Funding customers. Plus you get 15 days free to try it out. No contract required. 

Features and Benefits

Build Your Audience

Customers and contacts opt-in to receive your messages just by sending a simple text.

Invite Contacts

Already know who your customers are? With txtsignal, you can invite your existing contacts to sign up with their phone number or email.

Free Inbound Messages

Only use your credits for the messages you send. Texts from contacts, including opt-ins and inbound messages, are always free.

15 days free trial of text message marketing for nonprofits

Ready to get started?
Try it today and get 15 days free.

1. Click the button to create a txtsignal account

2. Complete the sign-up process using the promo code: REASON.

3. Review the email we sent you with the exclusive Reason Funding prices.

4. Email and let them know which plan you want.