Marketing Modules For Nonprofit Organizations

Reason Funding Marketing Tools

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Email Marketing

Ready to ditch your 3rd party email marketing provider? Integrated within Reason Funding is a fully customizable email builder. Create powerful messages that engage donors and get them behind your cause with our built in email marketing module. 

Our integrated email marketing tool is an effective communication solution that saves time, improves efficiency, and increases donor engagement. Use the CRM to organize customer lists, then build email campaigns to send and track marketing efforts.

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Integrated Social Media Posting

Connect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and schedule your posts and campaign updates right from your Reason Funding dashboard.Bring engagement from your social media accounts to your website so you can further en Social Media posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. From one page, you can schedule posts to appear on the site and in your social feed. 

Streamline your social media management - build once, post everywhere.

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Web Form Builder

Create custom online forms from scratch via simple drag-and-drop functionality to collect the user information you require. Set form fields as optional or required, add dynamic page breaks for better a user experience, and collect sensitive information with encrypted fields. 

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