Free Website Scan for Nonprofits and Churches

Is your website not doing its job? There could be underlying issues effecting its performance. Find issues with your website for FREE. 

This is an extensive scan that checks all lines of code in your website. This complementary report typically costs $500 or more. 

Free website issue scan

What We Scan For

Accessibility - check WCAG and Section 508 guidelines against many file types: find flashing GIFs, untagged PDFs

Broken Links - check for broken links and spelling errors

Compatibility - check for HTML, script and image formats that don't work in common browsers

Search Engine Optimization - check Google and Bing webmaster guidelines

Web Standards - validate HTML and CSS

Usability - check against guidelines

Descriptive image text

Website Scan Benefits

⦁ Discover broken links
⦁ Embarrassing spelling errors
⦁ Usability problems that give visitors trouble
⦁ Browser compatibility issues
⦁ Search engine issues that keep you from getting found
⦁ Find and fix website problems before your customers find them

Why Scanning Your Website Regularly Is Important?

Over time your website may accumulate broken or unused links. A broken link is effects the usuabily of your website because it prevents a website visitor from getting the information that they are searching for. Broken links can also be harmful to your website's SEO because search engine crawlers have trouble crawling your website. 

Spelling errors can also have a negative impact of your website because search engines will not be able to recognize keywords or relevent content if there are spelling mistakes. 54% of websites have spelling errors and they could not only be impacting your conversion rates but they can also make your organization look unprofessional.