Platform Features

Reason Funding Platform Features

Reason Funding is robust platfrom with a rich feature set that provides our customers with the tools that they need to raise more money, inspire action, build relationships and change the world. 


The Reason Funding Fundraising Module comes packed with the features that matter the most to you.

Hosted Donate Pages

Our donation page builder provides you with the ability to build an online giving page that inspires action. You can easily add your branding, add links back to your website and set the page up for donors to a single donor fund or break up their gift between multiple funds. 

Embed Giving Forms

Having an embedded giving form on your website will make it easier for people to support a specific program or cause without ever having to leave your website or landing page. Our embed giving form provides you with the ability to accept a donation on any page of your website. 


Our P2P Campaign Page builder gives you the power to create a stunning campaign page where your biggest supporters can sign up and create their own fundraising pages to raise money in support of your organization. Peer-to-Peer is an excellent way to get your message out and take your online fundraising to another level. 


Make it easier for people to give with text-to-donate. Donors text in a keyword to 43506 and receive a custom reply from your organization with a link to a custom donate page. 

Recurring Giving

Donors can easily set up recurring gifts on a monthly, weekly or annual schedule and we provide you with the tools to update or edit recurring donations. 

Offline Donations

The Reason Funding Virtual Terminal provides you with the ability to take a donation over the phone, in-person or apply a gift to a donor account offline.

Donor Management

 Our Customer Relation Manager lets you build deeper relationships with your donors, monitor and manage user engagement with contacts management, tasks, transactions, document storage, contact log, marketing and more.

Detailed Reports

Track donations and transactions in real time with our built in reports. Reason Funding donor reports allow you to see who is giving and what they giving to with simple to run yet detailed reports.

Pass Along Processing Fees

Cover the cost of processing fees and retain 100% of your fundraising gifts by giving your donors the option to pay a conveience fee. 

Secure Donor Portal

Reason Funding comes with a robust donor portal that syncs with the CRM to ensure that your donor information is up to date and accurate. Donors have the ability to create an account and login to edit their profile, view donation receipts and update payment information. 

Nonprofit Payment Processing

Not all credit card processors are created equal and we have made sure to partner with some of the best merchant processors in the country. We have the ability to offer instant approvals, no contracts and affordable pricing based on your specific needs. 

Payment Security

All Reason Funding donate pages are secured with a SSL Certificate, Google reCAPTCHA and IP blocker. We do not store sensitive credit card information in the Reason Funding.

Website Design

Your website is your digital front door. It is the primary place that people wil go to to find information about your organization. Our platform includes built-in tools that gives you the ability to put your best foot forward and showcase your organization the way it should be seen.

Website Builder

Building a new web page or editing an existing page has never been easier. Using our website builder, drag in pre-designed blocks of the most common types of content - headers, footers, page titles, services, icon lists, call to action and more. Then easily update colors, backgrounds, font size and more without ever having to touch a line of code. 

Version Control

Never worry about making a catastropic mistake while editing your website as we can easily turn back the clock to your last good save and restore any page to a previous version. 

HTML Code Editor

If you're a coder or have a webmaster on staff you can go full custom with access to HTML, CSS and dynamic content. The possibilities are limitless.

Mobile Friendly Design

More than likely people are going to engage with your organization the most on their mobile devices. We always design to mobile first so all of our design blocks and payment pages are built for mobile engagement and conversion.  

Web Accessible

Reason Funding website themes are built by accessibility experts so they are inclusive to all users including those with disabilities. All sections of a web page include page settings that, when filled out, help users with assistive technologies.

Search Engine Optimized

Turn your web pages into SEO machines by easily adding title tags, page descriptions, keywords, alt tags on images, and internal linking. 

Events Calendar

If your organization that has lots of events, make it easy for your supporters to see what you have coming up by adding a calendar page. Turn your blog posts into events with the click of a button.

Blogs / Posts

Everyone has a story to tell. What is your organization saying? Publishing articles from within Reason Funding makes it easy to add fresh and relevant content to your website. This improves donor engagement as well as SEO.

Member Only Pages

Restrict access by password protecting any page within the Reason Funding platform. 

Directory Pages

Membership Directory offers a diverse platform for a secure and easy to use interface where you can track the information that matters most. From checking an order status, updating credit card on file, adding a new profile picture, seeing the latest "members only" news release, and even getting advanced access to news or products coming out, we can help.

File Management

The Reason Funding File Manager enables you to upload images, documents, video, audio to use to build a new webpage or attach to a donor record. 

Nonprofit/Church Website Themes

Our professionally designed nonprofit and faith-based website themes will help elevate your organization to another level and give you the tools to tell your story beautifully. 


Reason Funding Ecommerce provides you with the ability to take your fundraising and donor engagment to a whole new level. 

Online Store

A fully integrated store to drive online sales, build your brand and increase your revenue. Showcase your branded products, track sales, accept payment and manage inventory in one dashboard.

Event Tickets

Reason Funding Ecommerce provides you with the tools to sell tickets to your gala or register people for your next fundraising event. 

Email Invoicing

Easily email payment invoices to supporters that need to make a payment for a sponsorship, purchase or registration.

Recurring Payments

Set up recurring payments for services or memberships. 

Offline Payments

Process a payment over the phone or remotely using our built-in Ecommerce Virtual Terminal.

Inventory Management

Add new products, manage your online inventory and track as sales come in. 

Customer Management

Manage your customers and build a stronger relationship with them using the Reason Funding CRM. 

Sales Reports

From product categories to daily profits, monitor your customer data with sales reports.


Engage your donors. Promote your programs. Generate new prospects and increase your fundraising.

Web Form Builder

Create custom online forms from scratch via simple drag-and-drop functionality to collect the user information you require. Form responses can be sent to multiple company contacts as well as stored in web form module. 

Email Marketing

Activate your donors and get them behind your cause with our built in email marketing module. Our integrated email marketing tool is an effective communication solution that saves time, improves efficiency, and increases donor engagement.

Social Posting

Connect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and schedule your posts and campaign updates right from your Reason Funding dashboard.

Landing Page Builder

Easily build a fundraising landing page for your next campaign using our visual website builder. 

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