Crafting The Perfect Call to Action

  • February 20, 2019
  • /   Jamie Walker
  • /   online-giving,Website,peer-to-peer
Call to action
It can be difficult to craft the perfect copy for your website or donate pages that create the desired action to support your cause and get people engaged. In this post, we will provide the basics for crafting a "Call to Action" that helps you convert people that come to your website or ones that make their way to your online giving pages into donors and potential long-time supporters of your organization. 

Words Matter
Focus on words that create the desired reaction like “donate” and “give”. Don’t be subtle about your ask or try to overthink it. Use the KISS Principle (Keep it simple, stupid) when crafting a call to action. Make sure that you keep it short, sweet, and connect your ask to either your mission, goal, or desired outcome. 

Cause and Effect
People generally want to know that their donation is going to be put to good use. If you have a specific need then communicate to your donors what effect their donation will have and what it will do.

It also is helpful in some instances to use language that conveys what would happen if funds are not raised or if people don’t take action. The effects could be detrimental to your cause and not the desired outcome if people had responded with a donation. The ultimate goal is to connect the donation or lack thereof to an impact. 

Create A Sense of Urgency
In sales, people respond best to limited time offers because time is always running out if you do not "Act Now". You can take the best cues from sales and marketing to create a sense of urgency behind your call to action. Use words like “act now” or “donate today” to spur your donors into immediate action. 

Key Takeaways
1. Keep it simple and do not be passive. Use words like "Donate Now" or "Give Today" that connect to the desired action.

2. Connect a gift to an impact. Your gift in the amount of $100 will do [fill in the blanks].

3. Create a sense of urgency that causes an immediate effect. We need your donation today so that we can [fill in the blanks].