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Reason Funding Podcast Episode 1 - Florida Reopens

Reason Funding Podcast - Florida Re-opens

With the state of Florida starting the process of reopening we thought it was a good time to have a conversation with someone that has been working with businesses in the hospitality industry and nonprofits supporting hospitality workers that have been impacted by COVID-19. 

In Episode 1 of the Reason Funding Podcast, we talk with Corey Mobley who is General Manager of Johnny Huston’s in Navarre, FL on a range of issues including the re-opening process, the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association and how the shut-down of the hospitality industry has impacted nonprofits.

Disruption of the hospitality industry due to COVID-19 has affected nonprofits across the country as they rely on hospitality spaces to host fundraisers. With the phased reopening of restaurants and other businesses, we talk about how this helps nonprofits recover from canceled or postponed events .



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