October 2021 Cause Awareness Days

  • September 29, 2021
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October 2021 Cause Awareness Days

October is a busy month for Cause Awareness Days and we list all the major ones on our 2021 Cause Awareness Page. But I like underdogs and things that are unique so I wanted to share with you the days in October that you may not have heard of and offer some tips on how you can get the most out of them. 

Let's Get Started With Our List:

October 1: World Smile Day – Brighten up someone’s day with a bad dad joke or tell an uplifting story that inspires others to smile.

October 1: National Homemade Cookies Day

October 1: National Hair Day

October 1: International Coffee Day – Be an office hero and bring your co-workers some joe to get the day started. This is a great way to build office morale and inject some caffeinated energy into your day.

October 1: International Day of Older Persons

October 1: National Body Language Day

October 2: International Day of Non-Violence

October 4: National Taco Day – Taco Tuesday is a weekly tradition in my household, so we don’t need an excuse to celebrate one of our favorite dishes. What you can do is reach out to a local restaurant that serves tacos and see if they would be interested in doing fundraiser where a portion of the proceeds goes to your organization. Offer to cross-promote the event for the restaurant so it is a win-win.

October 4: National Cinnamon Roll Day

October 5: National Get Funky Day – Have a dance off to raise money. People may pay just to get you to stop dancing. Ask others to share their funky moves.

October 5: National Do Something Nice Day – As a nonprofit organization I am pretty sure that you have done something nice lately. Use October 5 to tell the world about how nice you are and ask for support so that you can continue to do nice things.

October 6: National Walk and Bike to School Day

October 6: Random Acts of Poetry Day – Write a poem about your organization, the work that you do or a person that you helped. Post the poem to your social media accounts or blog. Poetry can be inspiring and uplifting. You can also ask others to contribute their own poetry and compile the works into an eBook or download.

October 7: National Inner Beauty Day

October 11: Native Americans' Day

October 12: National Savings Day

October 13: National Emergency Nurse’s Day

October 13: National Stop Bullying Day – Bullying has absolutely no place in our society and a lot of people have a story to tell from being bullied at school, home or work. Tell a story and let the impact inspire others to make a life change or to step in when they see someone being bullied.

October 13: National No Bra Day

October 14: National Dessert Day

October 14: World Sight Day

October 15: White Cane Safety Day

October 15: Global Handwashing Day

October 16: Boss's Day – Earn some brownie points with the big man by highlighting the work that he or she does to make a difference in your organization. Staff stories are a great way to promote your organization and the work that you.

October 16: Sweetest Day

October 16: Dictionary Day

October 16: Global Cat Day – Cat pictures or video on social media. Enough said.

October 16: National Fetch Day

October 17: National Pay Back a Friend Day

October 18: National No Beard Day

October 18: National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

October 19: National New Friends Day – Celebrate new connections in your life and share a story about a person that you recently assisted and got the chance to know.

October 20: National Day on Writing – It is time to publish that long awaited blog post or send a thank you email to your donors. Make a commitment to set aside some time and write something inspiring.

October 20: International Sloth Day

October 21: National Reptile Day

October 21: Back to the Future Day – Fire up your flex capacitor and celebrate Back to the Future Day by turning back the clock and highlighting a previous success story or offer an update on future goals and initiatives.

October 23: National Make A Difference Day – This is self-explanatory if you work for an organization that is making a difference as this is the day to toot your own horn and remind people of your good works.

October 25: National Art Day – Schedule an art party to raise money and paint pictures that are relevant to the work that you do.

October 25: National I Care About You Day

October 26: National Pumpkin Day – Have a pumpkin carving contest to raise money for your organization. This could be a joint venture or partnership with a local restaurant or bar where the event is held and your organization gets a portion of the proceeds.

October 27: National Mentoring Day

October 27: National American Beer Day – Yes please.

October 29: Internet Day

October 30: National Breadstick Day

October 30: National Checklist Day – This is day created for my wife as she is a checklist fanatic. On your social media accounts offer a checklist on the ways that people can get involved in your organization.

October 30: National Text Your Ex Day – This might be a bad idea.

October 30: National Candy Corn Day

October 31: National Caramel Apple Day – Another fund treat for your co-workers or volunteers.

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