Massive Reason Funding Release - 8 Donation Page Enhancements

  • June 1, 2020
  • /   Jamie Walker
  • /   online-giving,security,Release Notes,News
Reason Funding Donate Page Release
The ability to accept online donations is at the heart of just about every nonprofit and faith-based organization’s fundraising strategy. We understand this need and we continually strive to enhance our donate pages so that our customers have the flexibility to accept an online gift anytime, anywhere, and anyway.

We don’t believe one size fits all and our latest release of donation page enhancements proves this point as we have pushed some significant updates detailed below to the Reason Funding donation page builder.

  1) Multi-fund capability – This new feature gives you the ability to display more than one fund on a Reason Funding donation page and provides your donor with the option to divvy up their donation between multiple funds. 

For example, a $100 gift can be designated between two funds with $50 going to a building fund and the remaining $50 going to an education fund. After the transaction has been processed the donor receives a detailed receipt detailing how the donation was split between funds and our detailed reporting does all of the hard work for you showing which funds were selected and how much each received. 

 2) Single amount donation page – There may be a time when you need the capability to have supporters pay for sponsorships at a fixed rate. This update gives you the option to create a donate page where the amount is set at a fixed price to cover the cost of a sponsorship package. This ensures that when a payment is made it is for the exact amount. 

 3) Background image with Parallax Effect – Powerful images can tell a story more than words and our donate pages can help you inspire action even more by giving you the ability to upload a background image that moves your donors to action.

 4) Embed Video Enhancements – Images are powerful but so are videos and now you can feature inspiring videos and scale them to size on our donation pages. Simply copy an embed link from YouTube or Vimeo and paste the link into our video section directly under the donate page header.

 5) Primary and secondary font selection – Font nerds rejoice because you now can maximize your branding on our donate pages by adding your primary and secondary font. This feature enables you to maintain brand consistency across your website, donation pages, and other marketing materials. 

 6) Campaign progress meter – Our P2P campaign pages have always included a progress meter and now when a donor hits the campaign donate page they will also see how close you are to hitting your fundraising goal.

 7) Google reCAPTCHA – We have enhanced the security of our donate forms by giving you the option of enabling Google reCAPTCHA. This security enhancement will prevent those nasty bots from spamming your donation page and potentially costing you hundreds of dollars in chargeback fees.

 8) Tipping (Cover Processing Fees) – Give your donors the option to cover the costs of processing fees by enabling the tip option on all Reason Funding donation pages. This enhancement gives you the option to add a percentage to every donation or a flat fee and you can customize the message that your donors see.

Technology constantly evolves and our goal is to provide our customers with the tools that they need to succeed. Every month we push new exciting updates to the Reason Funding platform so that our customers have access to the latest technology at affordable prices. 

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