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  • April 16, 2020
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Pathways for change
As part of our community partner outreach in response to COVID-19, we have reached out to several of our clients and partners to talk with them about how the Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted their organization.

In today's post, we talked with Kassie Wrobel from Pathways for Change to find out how coronavirus is impacting them and what they are doing in response to the pandemic and stay at home orders.

RF: How has the coronavirus pandemic and stay at home orders impacted Pathways for Change?

Kassie: The Pathways for Change team continues to pray for the world in the midst of COVID-19. At Pathways for Change, we take health and safety seriously. The wellness of our members, clients, donors, staff, interns, volunteers, partners, and supporters is our first priority.

Due to the current severity of COVID-19, we are closely monitoring public health resources and working vigorously with our partners to provide the most suitable solutions and opportunities for upcoming events and community-based involvement.

Pathways for Change has had to make a plethora of changes to all programs, facilities, services, administration, events, campaigns, and fundraising.

Pathways for Change has developed a Community Action Campaign, 'Come Together While We're Apart,' and a Social Sharing Campaign, '28 Days of Together/Apart.'

Pathways for Change has closed The Family Center to the public with only virtual classes and sessions, quarantined the Men's Residential Treatment Center with no visitation, postponed the launch of the outpatient services for Women Veteran's Treatment, and redirected the PATH Interns to provide counseling via telehealth. A majority of staff, all still employed, and administration duties are taking place remotely but some staff are still working on-site daily. All events have been postponed to later dates and the cancellations are having a large impact on overall organization funding.   
RF: How have you been able to adapt or pivot the organization during this time?

Kassie: At Pathways for Change, we are adapting to the current situation our world is facing and have already begun to prepare for the 'new tomorrow,' the upcoming campaign focused on recovery and healing after the pandemic has cleared. With The Family Center being closed to the public, we have been unable to complete the intake process for new clients but we are in the process of developing a virtual process to compensate for this.

The most difficult circumstance we are facing is the same as that of the rest of the world, funding. Though this has been trying, we have faith that we are fulfilling God's work and he will present a solution. 
RF: What are some of the things that you are hearing from the people that you serve, employees or other organizations that you are partnered with?

Kassie: The majority of the information we have gathered is obviously scarcity of resources and finances. We have been gathering and distributing resources on a case by case situation, but some resources just are not available at this time.
RF: Have you had any success stories or wins that would be an inspiration for others?

Kassie: Yes, over the past few weeks we have been doing everything we can to 'Come Together While We're Apart.' This has created better and deeper relationships among our PFC community. We have been sharing daily updates with our campaign '28 Days of Together Apart.' The men at MRT have had a quarantined 'Phase Up' ceremony, Individual MRT Graduation Celebrations, and are making masks for Gulf Coast Kids House.

We also recognized our PATH Intern of the Quarter, received two advanced sponsorships for POP! Heroes even though we postponed the event for October, and have several PATH Interns who have successfully completed their internships. 
RF: How can people best help Pathways for Change at this time?

Kassie: Pathways for Change is looking for Pathmakers! Pathmakers follow Pathways for Change, adhere to PFC Core Values, and make it possible for PFC to fulfill our mission of Changing Lives. Reducing Crime. & Building Futures!

To become a Pathmaker or join 'Come Together While We're Apart,' please contact Kassie Wrobel (918)313-5410,, or

Monetary contributions at are also always welcomed.

About Pathways for Change
Pathways for Change is a faith-based, non-profit organization focused on changing lives, reducing crime, and building futures. Pathways for Change has been successful in fulfilling this mission by offering a multitude of programs in six key concentrations; education, workforce development, counseling, reintegration services, family support services, and veteran services. PFC is fighting poverty and helping people become the best possible versions of themselves through four main community programs; Men’s Residential Treatment, The Family Center, Women Veteran’s Treatment, and P.A.T.H. Internships.